Sunday, 14 September 2014

Holiday Wardrobe

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my new followers, and thank you to everyone who kept up with reading my blog posts when I was on holiday in Spain.  It was a truly wonderful holiday, though I have returned with a pot belly from all the wine and tapas, and a jelly-fish sting on my leg.  Today I want to share what I wore on holiday, and also what I didn't wear, because that's given me some 'rules' to keep in mind for future trips.

1) Beachwear: bikinis, sarongs, flip flops, beach bag and a huge hat.
I took one bikini with a 'skirt' bottom, but didn't realise that it was slightly too big, which meant that when I came out of the water the weight of it nearly pulled it off!!  So I only really had one functioning bikini.  I took 2 pairs of flip flops, which worked well, but I could also have done with an extra sarong.  The one I took was really a scarf that I used on the plane, but it's so sheer it doubled up in use.  Could definitely have used another one of those.  The best investment for the beach was my massive straw hat, that my Baby bought me for 50p!  It was like my own portable beach umbrella.  Also here, it might be worth mentioning that I had 'around-the-apartment-skimpy-wear' too, for when it was too hot for clothes but my bikini was drying out from an earlier swim.  I made good use of little bralets and shorts, in silk and cotton.

Holiday wardrobe
Kelly Brook for New Look Bikini

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Clarks: 1955 and 2014!

Clarks has recreated some beautful vintage styles for the coming AW14 season, with one shoe in particular based on a 1955 style.  Look at the beautiful 'timeline' from their website.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Grey, White & Lilac

This Gap jumper is one that I've had for a while and was struggling to make it work in an outfit, despite me loving it on its own.  Finally, I think I've discovered that it looks best with a shirt underneath.

Grey, White & Lilac

Friday, 5 September 2014

Styling a Men's White Shirt: Old Hollywood Androgyny

House of Fraser got in touch to ask if I could style a men's white shirt with a vintage twist.  Immediately I thought of Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn, and their iconic looks.  Here's what I came up with.

Old Hollywood Androgyny

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Book Review: Before The Fall by Juliet West

Welcome to September!  I hope you're not mourning the loss of summer too much?  In case the weather has turned colder and wetter where you are, I have another book review for you today so that you can curl up with a cuppa.  I also have to confess that as you're reading this, I personally will be thinking 'cocktails' rather than cuppas, and will be on a plane to Spain!  I'll be offline for a week and will catch up with the blogosphere on my return.

Set at the time of the first world war, Before the Fall is the debut novel by Juilet West that centres around London's East End and a cast of characters who can't escape tragedy even though they're on the peripherary of war - being at home wasn't necessarily safer than being in the trenches.

I think the war is everywhere: in the rain, in the river, in the grey air that we breathe. It is a current that runs through all of us. You can’t escape the current; either you swim with it, or you go under…

Before the Fall

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gingham, Pastels & Metallic Brogues

I didn't get to wear these gingham pastel jeans in Cornwall as planned, because it was too darned hot, so I paired them with a pastel pink jumper and some metallic brogues to go blackberry picking, now that the weather's cooler.

Gingham, Pastels & Metallic Brogues

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Second-Hand Bargains Galore

Back to what I know best - the bargains of the boot sale and charity shop!  I have been on a SPREE!  I mentioned in a recent outfit post that I had a bit of guilt in wearing an all-new outfit, so here's what I've been buying, and hence 'recycling' to help save the planet.  At least that's what I tell myself, to assuage a new kind of guilt that comes with having too-many-dresses, even if they are mostly secondhand.

Anyway, you just want to see all of the bargains I picked up, so here they are - it's very photo heavy, I warn you!  The majority is high-street, but there's a smattering of vintage.

Charity Shop Finds
Vintage novelty brooch, £1.  My best find from my recent trip to Bude in Cornwall.  I'm unsure about the date, it's got a c clasp closure and little jewels in the dangly lemon.  The colours make me think 1950s, what do you reckon?

Vintage brooch

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